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Discussion in 'Guides' started by vnmese, Aug 2, 2018.

  1. vnmese

    vnmese New Member

    I'm a buyer, in some situations, when i'm having conversation with my vendor, system notified that i couldn't send message anymore, try to send message after one hour. It annoyed me and my vendor a lot.

    How can i figure this out ? ( except to wait to one more hour ) .

    Wish you the best !!!
  2. Waterchain

    Waterchain Active Member Support Verified Member

    It is made for security reasons like that.
    What you could do instead is write a full message instead.
  3. hutchybhoy

    hutchybhoy New Member

    i also have had this problem and cpl times ive not made the cut of time as a result, as how can we put things in message that we are unable to predict, maybe worth looking at it , i think the longer and or gd rep you have the more messages you get . mine ive noticed seems to be 3 then i need wait an hour . plus with the conversation tab not working

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