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Tutorial How to join Dream Market!

Discussion in 'Tutorials' started by PurpleCat, Feb 3, 2018.

  1. PurpleCat

    PurpleCat New Member Verified Member

    1. Download Tor browser Click here to download.
    2. Once Tor browser has been installed, start up the tor browser.
    3. Once you started up tor browser, click here for the url list.
    4. Once on the website, create an account and that's it.

    Some tips before starting up the tor browser:
    - Use a VPN.
    - Use tails click here to go to the tails homepage.
  2. eyeman

    eyeman New Member

  3. TheShodowMan420

    TheShodowMan420 Nextgeneration Top Shelf Products only

    Use tails or whonix :) simple no DNS leaks, also don't post your address in plain text always use the vendors public PGP.

    And always make sure you are using the correct links don't just click any links, is probably the most important part check it with the PGP keep supplied by the real admins of the DreamMarket
  4. completedtrashy

    completedtrashy New Member

  5. Waterchain

    Waterchain Active Member Support Verified Member

    Click on mirrors in the top navbar.

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